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Presenting our cutting-edge AI-driven Voice Assistant, engineered to qualify leads, streamline lead generation processes, and tailor conversations to maximize your focus on closing transactions. Experience unparalleled
efficiency and precision in your sales endeavors with our advanced
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Make 1000 Calls
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Pay Only for Answered Calls

No time/money spent when phone is not answered. Billed in Seconds.

Multiple Voice and Accent

Choose from a variety of voices. Voice cloning facility for Growth and Enterprise plan customers.

Get Summary of Calls

Get exact call recording, summary, full transcript and call sentiments

Adapt to the change & grow faster with our GenAI Solutions

Whatever business you are in, you need to serve your clients. We have made solutions that are easy to use so that you can be in constant touch with your clients to improve your product and services.

Why Trusted


Do you have a sales team that is calling and qualifying leads? Do you have a customer support team that is answering repeated questions? Then the possibilities to automate are endless. You can apply it wherever there is an action-triggered. A few we've implemented are:

  1. 1. Instant calling and qualifying on lead submission on website.
  2. 2. Incoming call for appointment booking.
  3. 3. Calling users during e-commerce checkout with offer/nudge
  4. 4. Automating candidate filtering process for HR
  5. 5. Cold Calling to generate qualified Leads and book appointments

There are 20+ Voices available for Business users including various global English Accents, 5+ foreign languages & multiple dialects. The Indian languages is under beta test and will be available soon. There is one Indian Male accent + 1 American female voice for Starter User.

Currently its 10,000 calls in parallel from 1 phone number. This will improve.

Yes, On Business plan. You will get access to dashboard to edit temperature, latency and a host of other functionalities.

Currently the 'Call FROM Numbers' are limited to USA & Canada Only. TRAI Regulations in India do not allow using Indian numbers, yet. However you can call 'TO' any phone number, Indian or anywhere in the world.

These numbers will be utilised by other companies in the Starter Plan. There are no specific drawbacks to shared numbers otherwise. Upgrade to Business Plan for a Unique Number.

The singular purpose of this solution is to enable businesses to succeed. You will receive hands on guidance related to prompt writing and lead list creation to deliver best output during the meeting, for both Starter and Business Plan.

We insist you start with calling existing customers and leads that you have available before targeting cold leads. We will assist you with the 'how and where to find' by suggesting relevant tools. But the responsibility lies with you.